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Tankrum Inc. required some help with financial statements and needed a legal consultation.

A platinum rum with a refreshing and inviting aroma, for both versatility and mixability. It features aromatic notes of freshly-pressed cane juice and traces of lemon peel. It’s expertly distilled — smooth from the first sip and enjoyable neat. The finish is clean and refreshing, like the pristine environment where it was born. Descending beneath the ocean surface is a unique adventure. You never know what you’re going to see, be it spectacular sea creatures or endless stretches of candy-colored coral.
Drink Tank’s first product, the TankH2O, is a stainless-steel bottle we launched in 2013. It’s now being sold in thousands of dive shops, resorts, and aquariums around the world. It was named Dive Industry Product of the Year and we’re currently shipping TankH2O’s from warehouses in the USA (Los Angeles, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia (Sydney) to customers worldwide.
Tank Rum is the latest product offering from Drink Tank — a company built by, and for, scuba divers, outdoor adventurers, and water sports enthusiasts. Tank Rum follows the success of the TankH2O stainless-steel water bottle, the top-selling scuba product on and the dive industry’s Product of the Year.

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Price starts at: $520
Special offer this week: 4 hours of free consultation
Service available for: Small Business, Corporates
Our support available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Here we will help you develop a plan that meets the needs of the participants and aligns with the overall objectives of the organisation. You will need to tailor your training plan to each new client. With that in mind, it is hugely beneficial to involve stakeholders in the planning stages.
They can provide valuable input into the training and help ensure that the topics and outcomes align. There are also some practicalities that you will need to find out beforehand like how many people, the amount of time available and the budget. As you plan your training you should tie every component back to these overall objectives. By having a clear learning focus and set of objectives, you improve your training.

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